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  • Tammy Ryan - Financial Administrator
    Tammy Ryan

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    Tel: 02 4229 6640
    Email: ap@whkcommercial.com.au

    Tammy is a well-known local having grown up in the northern suburbs of Wollongong.


    Tammy brings a good balance of knowledge and experience to WHK, having managed a number of family businesses including local post offices. In addition, Tammy has also worked in the finance sector, working for a number of major financial institutions for a number of years and is renowned for her customer service. 


    Subsequently, Tammy has experience in the automotive industry, performing a number of roles including customer care programs, corporate manufacturer claims, general administration and accounts.


    Recently, Tammy has worked for a number of local Valuers and Real Estate agencies, and this, coupled with her previous experience, makes Tammy a valuable member of our Property Management team in her role as Accounts Officer. 

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